Brooklyn Law School

A contribution of $10,000 is made to the Brooklyn Law School scholarship fund for one or more students who are current or former employees or interns at the SEC and are interested in pursuing employment at the SEC.  Scholarships are awarded in the fall semester, with payment toward tuition in the spring semester.

For information about the ASECA scholarship, please contact:

Roberta S. Karmel
Centennial Professor of Law and Co-Director
Center for Study of International Business Law
Brooklyn Law School
250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 780-7946

2015 Brooklyn Law School Scholarship winners:

  • Allison Gallagher, Brooklyn, NY, Spring Honors Program (2014), SEC Division of Enforcement, New York Regional Office
  • Simone Greenspan, Brooklyn, NY, Summer Honors Program (2014), Office of Compliance & Inspections, New York Regional Office

2014 scholarships were awarded to:

  • Elizabeth C. Schauber, intern, SEC Division of Enforcement, New York Regional Office
  • Tom Bengera, intern, SEC Division of Enforcement, New York Regional Office

2013 scholarships were awarded to:

  • Margaret Corchado, Bronx, NY, intern, SEC Division of Enforcement (January-April 2012)
  • Tyler A. O’Reilly, Brooklyn, NY, intern, Asset Management Unit, SEC Division of Enforcement,                 NY Regional Office (Fall 2012)
2012 scholarships were awarded to:
  • Peter DeMato, Jr., Brooklyn, NY, former intern, SEC Division of Enforcement and NY Regional Office
  • Samuel Costain Gray, Brooklyn, NY, former extern, SEC Division of Enforcement