When ASECA was founded, a large part of its mission was to create and fund scholarship opportunities for people aspiring to careers in public service and specifically at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

ASECA awards scholarships, up to $10,000 and administered by the Universities, to six law schools. These scholarships of $10,000 per year are awarded to a student (or students) who is a current or former SEC employee or intern, or a student who seeks to work at the SEC.  To date, ASECA has awarded more than half a million dollars in law school and undergraduate scholarships.

Additionally, ASECA annually awards up to 10 individual $3,000 scholarships to SEC support staff. These scholarships are available to secretaries, paralegals, technical support staff, file clerks and other administrative staff who have worked at the SEC full-time for more than one year. The award must be used toward an accredited undergraduate degree-granting program to further the applicant’s professional goals.  Applications to fund graduate programs will not be considered.

All Scholarship winners are recognized at ASECA’s Annual Dinner.

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